Connecting the dots

Like seeing the Big Dipper in a sky full of stars, Pts helps you connect the dots in the vastness of conceptual spaces.

Pts enables you to compose and express what you see in your mind's eyes — points as ideas, shapes, colors, motions, interactions, and more.

Get started

A modern javascript library

Pts is lightweight and modular. Written in typescript, it comes with many useful algorithms for visualization and creative coding. Its friendly API supports both quick prototyping and bigger projects.

Use it directly (link from cdnjs or unpkg, or download from github):
<script src="/path/to/pts.min.js"></script>

Or get it as an npm module (guide):
npm install pts

Draw a dot that follows the pointer in a single line of code:
Pts.quickStart("myID")(t => form.point(space.pointer))
Or something more in just 5 lines of code.

See demos
Linear algebra in an easy-to-use, non-technical API.
Minimal code for quick iterations across canvas, svg, and other formats.
Handy functions for geometry, colors, simulations, sounds and more.
Lightweight library to use on its own, and together with other libraries.